Would you be able to take a few minutes out of your day to hear the glorious word about the living legend that is Darkstorm? Lord of the Veldt, Darkstorm is a benevolent tyrant dictator ruler who cares about your money you. Hi, I'm Mortdredd, and I've been serving as Darkstorm's personal vassal, underling, lickspittle, bootlicker and sycophant for years now. I've given myself over wholly to the glory that is Darkstorm, and I truly believe that you could benefit from the same results I've seen once you sign yourself over to our Darkling Lord slavery program. Working directly under me, you'll learn the value of being a spineless yes man for one of the most fearsome and conniving men on Prysmos. Sign up today and you'll transported to Darkstorm's castle chained to the underneath of real working flying vehicle (for a low, low fee).

As a Darkling Lord, I have my very own animal totem - that of a scarab beetle. It's not a patch on that of Darkstorm's mollusk totem, of course. As his humble servant, I'm not worthy of a power staff of my own, but I do have the ability to power vehicles from the Age of Technology, which gives me the wonderful opportunity to chauffeur Darkstorm across Prysmos.

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Voice actor: Jonathan Harris

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  • Mortdredd (1987)
    • Accessories: Saw-tooth kama, helmet.
Mortdredd was sold with the Sky Claw vehicle.


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  • Although it's never actually used in either the cartoon or the comic, Mortdredd's bio card gives an activation verse of Flight for the Sky Claw.
  • Mortdredd is a massively spineless sycophant for Darkstorm and is completely unashamed of it. However, there are a few points in the series where grows a backbone and is rather stern. Admittedly it's when people are defying Darkstorm, but still.


  • Wings of steel shall ride the breeze. Invade the air, the land, the seas!'

Foreign namesEdit

  • 迪甲 (by Hasbro Hong Kong Limited )