Merklynn. No, not Merlin.

Merklynn is a Wizard and the owner of the Magical Orb. After the Cataclysm, he contacts knights across Prysmos to compete in a race where the winners receive magical abilities. He delivers fourteen of the remaining knights magical abilities based on animal "totems" as well as abilities from magical staffs and, in the cartoon, the ability to use vehicles. He is a crafty, dishonest, and powerhungry wizard (courtesy of helping the escape of the Darkling Lords, some may say he caused the realignment to return the world of magic to relive the glory days, as the series was cancelled there have been no revelation but as seen in the first episode he may be responsible for the fallout as he was trying to seduce Darkstorm, but when he refused he went to Leoric to get him involved.

He was voiced by the late Roscoe Lee Brown.