Lexor grew from humble beginnings to become the most beloved and famous man on Prysmos. After starring in a series of multi-million dollar grossing movies, he bought his own small country, where he became a beloved ruler who improved the lives of all his many willing subjects. When the Age of Technology ended, Lexor left his country, despite the fevered opposition of his leal subjects and took a pilgrimage across Prysmos looking for some manner of power or remedy for the world's predicament. He was specially sought out by Merklynn to take part in his gauntlet for magic, in which he outperformed all other competitors, arriving first at Merklynn's chamber by nothing but his own cunning and ingenuity.

Merklynn granted Lexor the armadillo totem as a symbol of his heroic ability to selflessly put himself before all others in the face of danger. He was also granted the power staff of Invulnerability, which Lexor continues to use to help his less able comrades. Lexor was offered leadership of the Darkling Lords, but turned it down, lest he overshadow all his allies with his own magnificence. He allowed Darkstorm to take command instead and acts as a loyal and dedicated supporter and follower.

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Voice actor: MIchael McConnohie

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  • Lexor (1987)
    • Accessories: Double-bladed claw, helmet, power staff of Invulnerability
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  • As you may have guessed, Lexor is something of a stranger to the truth.
  • Lexor's toy depicts him with (very) ginger hair, however the cartoon changed this to brown. Anti-ginger sentiment just gets everywhere.


  • The arrows turn, the swords rebel; let nothing pierce this mortal shell!'

Foreign namesEdit

  • 李察 (by Hasbro Hong Kong Limited )