A moustache that impressive demands a leadership position.

Leoric is the leader of the Spectral Knights and nominally the main protagonist of the Visionaries brand across all media. He's also the head of state of the city New Valarak and is often forced to split his time between the tedious administration of the city and the more exciting exploits found leading the Spectral Knights.

Leoric's animal totem is the lion and he coincidentally wields a whip in human form. Like most other Visionaries he has a Power Staff, which holds the power of Wisdom (considered the anti-thesis of Darkstorm's Decay Power Staff. Whereas Decay or old age causes the body to be frail, Wisdom is a good quality one acquires as one ages and allows one to overcome any frailty).

Fiction Edit


Voice actor: Neil Ross

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Toys Edit

Leoric toy
  • Leoric (1987)
    • Accessories: Whip, helmet, power staff of Wisdom
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  • Leoric's weapon is a whip, a typical piece of equipment for lion tamers. See what they did there?
  • The Owl of Wisdom that Leoric summons from his power staff isn't above patronising Leoric and calling him stupid.
  • Unlike the heroic leads in some other Hasbro properties of the time, Leoric is allowed some slightly more fallible personality traits. While still brave, honest, wise and compassionate, he's also shown, through the course of the animation series at least, to be not entirely altrusitic and charitable, slightly low on patience for people whose opinions he doesn't agree with and slightly insensitive.


  • Whispered secrets of a shattered age I summon you, renew this sage.

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