As the token woman a totally valued and worthy member of the Spectral Knights, Galadria is treated no differently than all the other Knights and just as handy to have around in a fight. Admittedly her dolphin totem's only useful if there's some water about. And sure, she doesn't have a power staff or a vehicle ability, but she can totally heal injuries. No, honestly, she can. She's not lying you know. You've just probably missed it somehow. Quick, turn around, she's using it right now! Oh, you missed it. Just by a second.

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Voice actor: Susan Blu

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  • Galadria, along with her Darkling Lord counterpart Virulina, really got a bad deal in Visionaries. Both characters were created for the show, not existing previously in the toyline (because Hasbro are sexist claim that female figures didn't sell well in boy's toy lines). Although both fleshed out well as characters, they didn't have the secondary special abilities that the toy-based character did and weren't given anything to compensate. This was remedied in the comic book by giving them magical shields. Galadria's had the power of healing, along with an activation verse to match.
  • Galadria's lack of a figure is disappointing but perhaps not entirely surprising given Hasbro's track record. The Baroness was a main character in GI Joe from the start of both the comic and cartoon, but didn't get a figure for two years. Arcee, the only female Transformer to be a regular cast member, didn't get one for twenty years. Flint Dille has suggested that Galadria and Virulina would get figures 'eventually' but both were absent from the cancelled range of 1988 figures as well.
  • Galadria is shown to be in a relationship with Cryotek through the course of the animated series.


  • By warmth of heart, your pain I feel. Grant me the power, your wounds to heal!'

Foreign namesEdit

  • 海倫 (by Hasbro Hong Kong Limited )