"And, Darkstorm, for your incomparable climbing skill, and general… sliminess, you shall receive the totem of the mollusk."

Darkstorm (voiced by Chris Latta) is the leader of the Darkling Lords and the evil counterpart of Leoric. His totem is the Mollusk and his staff holds the power of Decay which he is also able to reverse. His weapon is a two bladed axe.

Darkstorm lives in a huge castle along with the other Darkling Lords. He has a huge throne room that is equipped with various traps and torturous games that he uses to intimidate and entrap visitors. He is closely served by Mortdredd, his sycophantic servant.


'By what creeps, what crawls, by what does not, Let all that grows recede and rot' - Chant that decays Darkstorms chosen target.

'Power of rot, obscurring truth, What once was old restore to youth' - Chant that restores the decayed target to their original state.