Cryotek hails from the frozen lands of Northalia (which is in the north), where men are men, time is spent working, sleeping or maybe drinking. As the oldest of the Spectral Knights, he doesn't quite get the younger members of the group like Feryl, Witterquick and Arzon. They think he's a staid old fuddy-duddy and he thinks they should spend less time screwing around and more time honouring the Circle of Light. You as well. What are you doing screwing around on the internet when you could be honouring the Circle of Light?

Cryotek's totem is that of the bear. Presumably the polar bear. His power staff holds the power of strength, which manifests in the form of a silent archer that can loose one solitary but powerful arrow (considered the anti-thesis of Cindarr's Destruction Power staff. Whereas Destruction is unfocused and unpredictable, the Arrow is focused and flies straight).

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Voice actor: Bernard Erhard

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  • Cryotek (1987)
    • Accessories: Three-headed spike flail, helmet, power staff of Strength
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  • Three suns aligned, pour forth their light and fill the archer's bow with might!'

Foreign namesEdit

  • 洛雄 (by Hasbro Hong Kong Limited )