If there's one thing Arzon likes, it's trees. When he's in his totem form of an eagle he's prone to sitting around in them and when he's human he likes hugging them. Because Arzon is a massive hippy who loves and respects all living things, even deadly fire-breathing dragons that are trying to kill him.

Arzon has a Power Staff, which allows him to summon the Bearer of Knowledge. Note that that's knowledge not wisdom. So he essentially has the power of being a know-it-all anorak with no practical skills. Despite this, the rest of the Spectral Knights seem to like him, though Witterquick isn't especially fond of his compassion for animals. Damn hippy.

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Voice actor: Hal Rayle

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  • Arzon (1987)
    • Accessories: Dagger, helmet, Power Staff of Knowledge
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  • Just like the owl from Leoric's power staff, the Bearer of Knowledge is a seemingly sentient being able to hold conversations as well as just dole out help. And just the owl, he's not above pointing out Arzon's failings.
  • Arzon's toy has an odd asymmetrical raised "stripe" over his left shoulder pad.


  • A whim, a thought and more is sought. Awake my mind, thy will be wrought.'

Foreign namesEdit

  • 英迅 (by Hasbro Hong Kong Limited )